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  • December 4, 2019

Why choose training day?

by tdadmin

Training day isn't just like every other website with workouts and recipes. As through my career as a PT, I've always shifted my focus on educating my clients about nutrition and training. It isn't enough just to hand someone a diet plan and a week of workouts and see them off, keeping them at arms length from the why's, what's and how's. That's why I incorporated an educational side to Training Day. I fully believe that once you understand more and more about nutrition and how your body works, the potential for reaching success is sky high. You will never have to do another crash diet once you are liberated from the confusion of struggling to lose fat and build muscle. The LEARN THE FOUNDATIONS page allows you to navigate through the basic fundamentals of calories, macros, how the body expends calories, training and how to calculate your calorie intake. Once you have that sorted, everything will make so much sense. Armed with the help of a progressive gym programme that suits you, workouts that can be done at home, an abundance of delicious recipes and may more utilities on your screen, you will be on the best and clearest route to achieving your goals!

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