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  • December 4, 2019

What does training day offer?

by tdadmin

Training day is your one stop fitness and nutrition shop. Everything that you need to help achieve your goals can be found in a Training Day membership. Whether you are a total newbie to the fitness game or an advanced athlete looking for some detailed structure, TD is the place to be.

Training day can offer a host of helpful tools such as:

  • Progressive gym programmes for all abilities
  • Home workouts with videos attached for your reference, added weekly
  • A library of exercises with coaching ques to help teach correct form
  • An extensive menu of recipes with calorie and macro information, added weekly
  • Learn the foundation articles to read through for your educational purpose
  • Coaching videos to delve deeper into breaking down certain exercises
  • Challenges to help you try new things and put yourself to the test


With all this included in a membership, you won't need to look no further than investing a small price of £10 per month. No contracts, no commitments, no strings attached, leave whenever you like!


We hope to see you soon 🙂

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