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about us

Training Day's mission is not only to provide you with extensive workouts, programmes and recipes to help you achieve your goals. Our mission is also to educate you in the field of nutrition and training to the best of our ability. Having all the tools at hand is great, but we don't want to keep you at arms length as to why our services will help you with your goals. We want to help you understand all about food choices, calorie balance, lifestyle choices, how to train correctly and why training should be a huge factor to introduce into your life if not so already. We aim to be the teacher that guides you along your fitness journey every step of the way and help you in every way we can to achieve your goals!

our vision

what we do

We provide home workouts for all abilities, so you can browse and choose workouts to complete in the comfort of your own home. New workouts added every week to ensure you have a broad variety to work through. We give you an extensive menu of recipes easy to cook up at home for all meal times. Enjoy a vast selection of delicious recipes with calorie and macro values included to help you stay on track. We set our sights on introducing our members to resistance training. Thats why TD offers a selection of resistance based gym programmes, ranging from total beginners to advanced athlete level of progressive programmes.    
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